Larta Institute. Brand Strategy, Identity and Web Site Design.

 Larta Institute cultivates innovation that meets their mission-driven values through a unique networked approach. Distilling their complex interdependent network model into an understandable representation for their multiple audience segments required a deep familiarization with the roots and culture of the organization.

Larta’s audience segments divide along their network roles. Each is an essential component of the Larta network model and their successes are borne out in innovations that are eventually realized and making a positive impact in the world. An “all-inclusive” approach to visual language, messaging and positioning, and content development was critical in guaranteeing that essential touch points of Larta’s core values were clearly communicated and that their full audience was engaged.

We approached the Larta logo as an “open vessel” representation, drawing on formal properties of their initials and innovation categories to inform geometry, composition, and color palette. The resulting field of the logo combines figurative and more abstract representation for an open identity that allows the audience to assign a personal connection to the logo and to assimilate with the brand through their own network role. 

An expanded brand language was developed in conjunction with Larta messaging and content presentation. This integrated approach of one hand shaping the other informed the design elements that were the building blocks for implementation. The largest scale component of Larta’s new brand identity is their newly launched website. Realized as a fully responsive site to work as successfully on a smart phone as a desktop monitor, the new website utilizes all components of Larta’s new identity. Front and center with the new logo and tag line, are their success stories, introducing individual entrepreneurs and featuring the innovations that have been realized through the Larta network. Throughout the clean and bold new environment of the site, the individuals of the network are profiled and connected by their joint successes. Larta’s own audience becomes the subject of their content and can visualize themselves in the featured spotlight through their involvement with the brand’s network.

Within weeks of Larta’s new website launch, the in-house staff was charged with putting together the annual report according to the new brand and messaging guidelines. We worked with them in developing a page grid and two page templates and they hit the ground running! Juggling many pages of content, Larta internally edited and designed the entire annual report in a successfully implemented example of their new brand identity. We are proud and impressed!