Case Study: The Little Nell, Element 47

Assignment: Collection Catalog; Private-label Wine
Creative Challenge: Communicating An Integrated Art Experience
Element 47, the restaurant at The Little Nell ski resort in Aspen, is re-nowned not only for its 5-star dining but for the thoughtfully curated col-lection of art that surrounds its patrons. The 9 pieces, selected by owner and artist, Paula Crown, are part of the restaurant’s design and represent the culture and philosphy of the resort. Tsang Seymour has been involved in two distinct projects that serve to highlight, showcase, and further inte-grate the role of art in this unique setting. 

Part I: Who, How, and Why
Element 47 is a restaurant with a story: it is embedded in Aspen’s rich silver-mining history, it is shaped by the vast mountain landscape, and it is interwoven with its art. Paula Crown was eager to share the story of Ele-ment 47 and the idea of a multi-layered book was born. Original photog-raphy was commissioned to feature the artists at work and we directed an on-site shoot to capture the impact of the artwork in the restaurant spaces. Part history, part artists’ profiles, part monograph, the book is a lush, tac-tile, and visually beautiful object that serves as context for understanding the Element 47 art collection as welll as a premium gift for the resort’s VIP clients. The value of the book is multi-fold thanks to the fact that it provides high-impact marketing through meaningful content.

Part II: Next level branding
When Element 47 decided to source private-label wines for its diners, we recognized the opportunity to reinforce the role of art in the restaurant experience. Collaborating with the restaurant marketing team, we selected a detail from the collection painting: Trees (Bracket), 2012 by Cameron Martin, to use as a background for the labels. The artist and work are noted on the label according to the standard conventions of art crediting, highlighting the fact that a fine art work is being represented. The minimal typography and palette evoke the aesthetic attitude of the restaurant space, relying on the juxtaposition of the painting’s texture, the color of the wine, and the typography to reflect the space of the surrounding landscape.

Part III: To be continued
New marketing initiatives will continue to build upon integrating the artwork as a foundational component of the Element 47 identity.