Case Study: Responsive Web Development

Assignment: Brand Identity + Digital Implementation
Creative Challenge:  Creating a Signature Image that Works Across All Devices

If you have ever used your smart phone to link through to a web site that wasn't optimized for mobile, chances are you suffered a very poor user experience: zooming in and out and scrolling around the page to read text, select links, or fill in form fields and possibly being bounced from the page.  With the many available options on the internet, you likely abandoned the site and moved on.

Google has recognized how frustrating this whole experience is and will be unrolling changes to deliver better results to the growing mobile market. Google's new algorithm includes mobile-readiness as a ranking signal and sites that are mobile-ready will be rewarded in results rankings.

These changes will have an enormous impact on businesses that use their websites to reach their audiences. If your website is not optimized for mobile engagement, we can help you with the updates you need to make sure you have a place at the top of the search results page.